LDS women among those gathering in peaceful support of the family outside of UN

Jennette Jenkins of Gilbert, Ariz., Angela Fallentine of Victoria, B.C., and Ali Lund of Gilbert, Ariz., are part of Big Ocean Women, the group of LDS mothers attending the Commission on the Status of Women.

Jennette Jenkins (left) and Ali Lund (right), both of Gilbert, Ariz., are part of Big Ocean Women, the group of LDS mothers attending the Commission on the Status of Women.

Women from several organizations around the world — including the Big Ocean Women based in Provo — plan to gather at the gates of the UN today at 5:45 EST to encourage inclusion of family language in the Post-2015 Agenda.


Provo’s Carolina Allen (founder of Big Ocean Women) and Susan Roylance (International Policy and Social Development Coordinator for the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society) collaborate on wording to announce their gathering at the U.N.

These faith-based women gathered in a Staples near the U.N. to make hundreds of small flyers asking women to gather to present a Declaration of Women. They then dispersed to spread the information to family-friendly delegates and attendees of the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women.

In addition, the peaceful demonstration will include the Be WoMan campaign with “+9” signs, which signify that life began nine months before birth.

Provo’s Carolina Allen, president of Big Ocean Women, says, “We join hands with women from all over the world to support motherhood and families, and request the U.N. to include us in their Post-2015 Agenda.”




  1. AvatarMary McDaniel Reply

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. I love NYC. I love the strength in families. I love what you and the women you are with are doing there.

    1. AvatarSusan Porter Reply

      I just heard from one of these women today. What they are hearing from the commission meetings “are so radical you wouldn’t believe it,” according to her. The call for exclusion of God, faith, and family from all documents of public/world policy are what they are really, in large number, and in several countries, pushing for. Also, in the bigger picture of their agenda is essentially to have feticide, and unrestricted abortion for all no matter what the age. They are seeking to have sex education for all ages in our public schools, and as well want the legal age for sexual consent lowered. This commission pushed for same-sex marriage 15 years ago, and they were laughed at, with the naysayers saying this was impossible in Utah. Well, we all know where that stands. Whatever is accomplished and given a head nod and approval coming out of this UN commission, is put up for vote in August of this year. Whatever is passed is looked to as “a gold standard,” for making world policy and the laws of countries. These women are calling for all who can to pray and fast for them.

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