Graham Canyon Ice Cream Cake
About a month ago, the BYU Creamery on 9th started making ice cream cakes in four flavors: Graham Canyon, Party Time, Peanut Butter Cup and Mint Brownie. (Photo by BYU Photo)

Brigham Young University posted a picture of a new Graham Canyon ice cream cake proving that all of your ice cream cake fantasies can come true.

The BYU Creamery ice cream cakes, which have been around for about a month now, are approximately a foot wide and six inches tall. For just $29.99, you could be celebrating with a Graham Canyon, Party Time, Peanut Butter Cup or Mint Brownie ice cream cake.

Don’t know why to celebrate — here are seven excuses BYU students can make for buying these mouthwatering cakes.

1. The Harold B. Lee Library is getting a south entrance.

For all current and former BYU students, you know the struggle of having to walk the extra distance (usually in the wind and snow) to the north side of the library in order to walk through the building’s one and only entrance. You’ve wished countless wishes for a south entrance — and your wishes have finally been granted. At the beginning of March, the HBLL announced they are building a south entrance to the library. Construction will be finished in fall of 2015 (before the first snowfall, we hope).

2. Their school has a better payout than Harvard.

A recent PayScale study found that students who go to BYU get more “bang for their buck.” BYU was the only private college to make the list, but tied with Georgia Tech for the school with the best payoff.

Also, the business school beat out Harvard’s MBA program. “The average Marriott graduate earned an average starting salary of $110,216, but only incurred $27,924 in debt on average. Harvard Business School grads, on the other hand, earned a lot more to start — $138,346 — but graduated with an average of $73,926 in debt, more than twice the average for Marriott School grads,” Business Insider wrote.

3. Taysom Hill is already playing football.

After a devastating season where BYU quarterback Taysom Hill broke his leg, ending his season early, Hill is back at it, already participating in spring practices. Bonus party points? BYU has another athlete coming off of a tough injury. BYU basketball’s Kyle Collinsworth returned to the court this season just eight months after undergoing ACL surgery. Collinsworth wowed everyone by breaking the NCAA one-season triple-double record, tallying a total of six triple-doubles this season. So, why couldn’t that happen in a similar way with Hill this fall? #FeelingOptimistic

4. They are still No. 1 Stone-Cold-Sober School.

With 17 years as the No. 1 Stone-Cold-Sober School, BYU needs some substance to celebrate wtih. So, BYU students, celebrate your stone-cold-sober ways in the only way you can, with a totally alcohol-free ice cream cake. It’s better this way anyway.

5. Tomorrow is the first day of spring.

Unlike the cold that continues to plague the East Coast, Provo will continue on its warm streak with a 68 degree high.

6. Only 34 days until school’s out.

Freshmen only have a month left to put on the “Freshmen 15.” School officially ends on April 22 for BYU students, which means midterms are over — another reason to celebrate. Pass the ice cream cake.

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