Susan and Gig Griffith (Photo by Leah Aldous)
Highland residents Susan and Gig Griffith have been married for 25 years. (Photo by Leah Aldous)

This is one in four of Utah Valley Magazine’s “Happy Couples” series.

Once Upon a Time

Susan and Gig Griffith started their life together in April 1989 — give or take a week. A meaningful conversation made Susan think they were already engaged, but the beginning of their life together more ceremoniously began when Gig drove her to the hospital where he was born, knelt down in the vacant parking lot and said, “This is where I started my life 22 years ago. I would like to start our life here. Will you marry me?”

Again, she said yes.

[pullquote]”Appreciate everything about each other. And keep Friday night open for dates!” —Gig and Susan Griffith[/pullquote]

After 25 years together, they actively support and participate in each others’ interests. When Gig is coaching a sports team, Susan is scribbling down the stats. When Susan is attending an orchestra concert, Gig is soaking in the music by her side. And Friday night is date night, no matter what.

“We can be attending a play or shopping at the grocery store, and I’m there,” says Gig. “We can even have fun cleaning the kitchen together.”

Happy Home

Over the 11 years they’ve lived in their Highland home, the Griffiths have welcomed friends and family for everything from missionary farewells to murder mystery dinner parties. But they say nothing compares to their home at Christmastime. Susan and Gig begin their yearly decorating spree on Halloween, putting up a tree in each room, with the biggest tree lighting up the living room.

“After we put everything up and turn the lights on, we see the glow reflecting in the windows,” Susan says. “It goes on for layers and layers and brings warmth to our home. It’s a small piece of heaven.”

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