This is one of 10 lists on direct sales featured in the Spring 2015 issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ.

Can we be direct? Network marketing is here to stay.

It’s a popular topic around these parts, where downlines are the uptalk. In fact, Utah County has the highest concentration of direct sales companies in the nation, which gives our county a big piece of the $32 billion pie this industry creates in the United States.

Here are five ways to be successful in network marketing.

1. Work it

“It’s like being successful in any field: You have to show up and you have to work,” says Kristine Widtfeldt, CMO at Miche.

2. Date your company before you marry it

“Choosing the right company is like dating. Before you get married, ask all the right questions: comp plan, leadership team, training. And then, despite all the allure, choose the company whose product is your best friend,” Widtfeldt says.

3. Join the force

Work with companies who are members of the Direct Selling Association — all are accountable to the DSA’s strict code of ethics.

4. Get trendy

“Understand trends within the industry as well as customer demographics,” Skowronek says.

5. Committment

Treat it like a real job. Flexibility is awesome — but it’s not an excuse to do as little as possible.

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