24 awkward interactions Mormons have with everyone else


If you’re not Mormon, forgive us for our quirks.

Here are 24 common interactions Mormons have with, well, everyone that’s not Mormon — and it’s equally awkward for both sides involved.

1. Getting invited places only so you can be the designated driver.

Ryan Gosling - I'll drive

2. Telling people about how big your family is.

Frozen- trolls blinking

No, those aren’t my cousins. Yes, all six of them are my siblings.


3. The obsession with Disney.

Enchanted - Giselle excited

This can’t be healthy.


4. Having your non-Mormon friends set you up with the only other Mormon they know.

Incredibles - coincidence?

Sure, being Mormon is the only thing we have in common, but I’m sure we are a perfect fit.


5. Explaining how you “escaped” from Utah.

Mean Girls - doesn't go here

Considering there are more than 15 million members in the LDS Church and the population in Utah is under 3 million, I guess the Mormons had to spread out to a few other states … or across the world.


6. Confusing people about how Mormons can be ridiculously good-looking.

Mormons hot

Yes, these are the top Google search recommendations. We can’t make these things up. Business Insider even named BYU the college with the best combo of hot and smart in 2014.


7. Talking to your co-workers/friends about the party last night only to find out that none of them remember anything.

Sleeping Beauty- Awkward Situation

You really don’t remember when you did the tyrannosaurus-stuck-in-a-tractor impression?


8. When people confuse you with a Jehovah Witness or the Amish.

That's not my name

Yeah, we’re super different, but good try.


9. When people ask you questions about the “Book of Mormon” musical.

Gilmore Girls- Sarcasm

And think your mission was like the “Book of Mormon Musical.” Umm … not part of our religion.


10. Explaining Mormon lingo.

Finding Nemo- It's like he's trying...

My ward, no not a mental ward, it’s determined by the boundaries where I live for what time I meet for church meetings and blah, blah, blah.


11. Answering all the questions:

What else can’t you do?

Aladdin- 'scuse me

Do you have horns/tail?

Arrested Development - ridiculous statement

How many wives do you have?

Batman- Enough from the clown


12. Learning results of the big game before you have a chance to watch it.


People always spoil the game because it was on Sunday during church and you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.


13. Being a tough dinner guest.

Emperor's New Groove- Kronk's explanation

Can I get you something to drink? Beer? Coffee? Tea? Oh boy, how about water?


14. When they say Mormons can’t dance.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 2015 NDA National Hip Hop Champions, the BYU Cougarettes.


15. Answering the phone, “Dear Heavenly Father.”

Big Bang Theory- Crawl in hole and die

Don’t judge, I was just about to say a prayer.


16. Teaching people about the Law of Chastity.

abstinence is key


17. Being invited to a morally questionable movie.

Brave- knives

Revert back to No. 3.


18. Having people think you hate them because you turn down invitations.

Scrubs - hate me

Recommendation: Stop inviting them to do things on Sundays.


19. Being asked out when you’re only 14.

Always love you

Sorry, I can’t date until I’m 16.


20. Realizing all of your favorite reality TV stars are Mormon.

Minion what

Seriously, from “Survivor” to “The Voice,” Mormons are everywhere in reality TV.


21. Non-Mormons telling you what you believe.

Easy A- dropped on head as infant

You worship Joseph Smith, don’t you? No, no we don’t.


22. When you tell them how long you dated before you got married.

Bambi- say something nice

Wait … you met and got married within four months? ARE. YOU. MAD?!


23. Being asked about your 21st birthday plans.

Elf- Schedule

Drinking, no, bad, bad drinking.


24. Accidentally ending a presentation, “In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

That's all folks

Opps, I mean, I’m done!

Rebecca Lane

While her first language is sarcasm, Rebecca dabbles in English and Russian to achieve her lifelong dream of being a journalist. A BYU sports fan, reading enthusiast and wannabe world traveler, Rebecca is a Colorado transplant that is convinced Colorado's mountains are much larger than the many Utah County peaks. Rebecca manages UtahValley360.com for Bennett Communications. Follow her on Twitter @rebeccalane.


  1. AvatarLeona Patteson Reply

    Being invited as the designated driver is awkward? I relished the opportunity in high school and college. Of course, my friends offered quid pro quo. If I agreed to be the designated driver, they paid for my admission ticket, dinner, or whatever else they wanted to attend. I got in free when I wasn’t going to drink anyway, and they were responsible enough to get home safely with a designated driver. Win/win.

  2. AvatarGrandpa Chet, the MormonYoYoMan Reply

    As a convert at 35, I was too old to experience the teenage angst issues – and now I’m too old to worry about the other issues. There are two points I want to make:

    1. For you young people who are experiencing the tough problems of being young – Youth will be over very soon, and you’ll wonder why some things bothered you. Trust me, it’s all funny after it’s way in the past.

    2. As funny as this article is, the best line is “While her first language is sarcasm” from Rebecca’s mini-bio after the article. This young lady has a future as the next Dave Barry, without the concern of being portrayed by Harry Anderson on TV. (And I LIKE Harry Anderson!) I want to see more by Rebecca in the future!

    *jeep! and God Bless! (Thanks, Red!)

  3. AvatarNick Reply

    So, if you read the Gospel Doctrine essays it says that Joseph Smith asked out Helen Mar Kimball “a few months before her 15th birthday”


  4. AvatarJeci Hall Reply

    Kinda wondering about why Mormons introduce people at social gatherings with titles.

    “So, this the Susan, our Relief Society President.”
    “I want to introduce you to Diane over there. She’s a less active (or inactive), but she’s really nice.”
    (about me–yes, I’ve heard it when they didn’t think I could) “Hey, Lisa, that’s so-and-so over there. She’s a non-member, but she’s really a great person. You have ____ in common. Maybe you should go over and introduce yourself.”

    Why is it important to distinguish between leaders, “active” members, “less-active” members, “inactive” members, and non-members? I find it a little offensive , but maybe if I understood the underlying reason I might not be so bothered by it. Sometimes cultural differences need to be explained to be appreciated.

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