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because-I-said-so-REDAround this time every academic year, parents and kids alike start daydreaming of a summer unshackled by routines and requisites. Three months of winging it sounds just about right — until a few weeks into the break when you remember that “winging it” means epic sibling battles and endless requests for rides, cash and entertainment. (Weaving flower crowns in the backyard and hours spent reading in the hammock aren’t really part of the picture.)

That’s when you’ll pat yourself on the back for having the foresight to sign the kiddos up for summer activities while you were still romanticizing the whole idea of summer break. Here are five unconventional summer camps and classes activities everyone can get excited about:

1. Zumba for Kids

Tap your children’s seemingly endless supply of energy by signing them up for a Zumba fitness class created just for them. Several city recreation centers in Utah County, including the Provo Recreation Center and Orem Fitness Center, offer Zumba Kids Jr., for ages 4 to 7, and Zumba Kids, for ages 8 to 14. These programs are a fun way to get little feet moving and lay the foundation for a lifetime of fitness.

2. Space Camp

When you need a little more breathing room, send your kids to space — space camp, that is. American Fork Fitness Center offers a NASA-themed summer camp, and Discovery Space Center in Pleasant Grove has otherwordly day and overnight camps and even a three-day, two-night Galaxy Camp for kids who truly have stars in their eyes.

3. Climbing Camp

A rock climbing camp is perfect for the kids who are half-monkey, half-human. The Quarry Indoor Climbing Center in Provo offers two-, four-, or five-day climbing camps where kids play on the wall, rope bridge and king swing. The camps also include scavenger hunts, tag and water fights, and of course, serious tips on safe climbing.

4. Quilting Bee

Learn the basics of quilting alongside your 5th grade or older kid at the You and Me Quilting Bee hosted by Utah County 4-H. Every boy or girl at this class must have an adult helper with them at the two-day class. They’ll earn how to make a quilt top on the first day, then finish and bind the quilt on the second day.

5. STEM Classes

Keep your kids’ intellects sharp with science, technology and math themed classes at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. The nonprofit has dozens of day one and four-day camps for kids in grades K-12. Classes such as Grossology, Three-Ring Circuits, Fashion Design and Paleontology Palooza are sure to pique your kids’ curiosity.

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