The Piano Guys have made incredible music videos in what a new YouTube video calls some of “the most dramatic of locations,” including at some of the wonders of the world.

From the Great Wall of China to the ice castle in Midway, The Piano Guys have always made these vibrant videos with a grand piano at the center of their production, even if meant getting a grand piano on a Bryce Canyon National Park cliff. Many people have left notes in the comment section wondering how this feat was achieved — and now “Studio C” has an answer for them.

In a documentary style video, “Studio C” shares the story behind The Piano Guys’ production team.

“The Piano Guys are, what’s the word, not dreamers — nightmares, makers of nightmares,” Stephen Meek’s character explains in the video. Meek’s also nicknames The Piano Guys “demons of the mind” and “sanity terrorists.”

Find out why by watching the video above, and let us know how close to the truth you think this sketch is in the comments.

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