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Trina Chapman is a busy woman.

She homeschools her children, so she needs workable space for her two daughters (Lexi, 14, and Liberty, 9) to study. They also take dance almost every day, so she needs convenient access to I-15. Throw in the fact that her husband, Jimmy, works from home and needs a space of his own and a new home was in order.

“We loved Pleasant Grove, but we needed a little more room,” she says.

While they hoped to stay close to their previous home, a model home visit turned into a new home purchase.

“I was driving past Marcy’s Orchard and decided to take a look,” Jimmy says. “It’s a nice, new neighborhood tucked in among established homes and city parks. I thought Trina might like it, even though it is in American Fork.”

Smart man.

Trina loved the emerging neighborhood, the floorplan of the home and the value they got by building with Woodside Homes.

“We like the larger front room — those are so small these days — and we love the three-car garage,” she says. “But the upstairs loft might be my favorite. It’s big and gives us a flexible space to have family time.”

Lexi and Liberty like that they have their personal space, too.

“In our old house, if we each had friends over, we had to be together because there wasn’t enough room to do your own thing,” Lexi says. “Now, we can be in our own area with our own friends.”

And, as the first homeowners in Marcy’s Orchard, they look forward to being the first friendly face on the block for new neighbors to meet.

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