By Canidi Higley

As part of the Art City Days celebration on Saturday, hundreds of residents gathered at Springville’s newest park, the Wayne Bartholomew Family Park, for a ribbon cutting, a Duct Tape Boat Regatta and to enjoy the new pond and amenities.

The land for the park, located at 1090 S. 2900 East in Springville, was purchased from the Bartholomew family and the area was developed as a water storage facility for irrigation. The retaining pond is ideal for the June sucker fish, which spawns downstream. The pond is three-plus acres, and 15 feet deep at the deepest point. The pond was recently stocked with Rainbow Trout for those interested in fishing on the ponds fishing docks.

Saturday’s opening unveiled the first phase of the park. Mayor Wilford Clyde said that the city still needs about one million dollars to finish the park, and that they have great plans for the park.

“We hope that people will be courteous while they are here,” said Mayor Clyde. “And that they will help take care of the park so that families can come and enjoy their time here.”

1. Away at the beach

(Photos by Candi Higley)
(Photos by Candi Higley)

A view of Springville’s newest park, the Wayne Bartholomew Family Park, which held an official ribbon cutting on Saturday.

2. Amenities

Wayne Bartholomew 3

Amenities at the park include five pavilions for groups of 20, 30 or 40 people. Larger pavilions will be added in the future.

3. Stop, shower time

Wayne Bartholomew 5

The park also has restrooms and changing rooms for swimmers and families to use.

6. Snack Shack

Wayne Bartholomew 8

The park also hosts a large plaza and a concession stand that serves items such as hot dogs, nachos, BBQ sandwiches, cookies, candy, popcorn and drinks, to name a few.

7. Foodie

Wayne Bartholomew 8.5

The Snack Shack menu has hotdogs, nachos, candy and more.

8. Gone fishing

Wayne Bartholomew 9

The pond has fishing docks for those who enjoy fishing. The pond was recently stocked with Rainbow Trout.

9. Beach volleyball

Wayne Bartholomew 10

The park also has sand and grass areas to play volleyball, badminton and other sports. Residents will need to bring their own equipment.

10. Swimming U.S.A. Springville

Wayne Bartholomew 11

The park features a three acre long pond. There are no lifeguards on duty, so residents are warned to swim at their own risk. The park also includes a paved walking trail around the pond.

11. “I love the mountains”

Wayne Bartholomew 12

Other park amenities include beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, a large parking lot with 140 stalls and room for future expansion. Playgrounds will also be added to the park in the future.

19 Responses

  1. I love this place I went here on sat and its big and way nice. Plan to go back again and fish and swim. It’s a very nice place.

  2. I haven’t been there yet but can’t wait to go with my nieces and nephews and check it out. I do want to Thank Wayne Bartholomew and family who has been a long time friend of my latest grandma for coming up with a place for people to take their families free and enjoy fun times

    1. The pond’s deepest point is 15 feet; the slope on the sandy beach side is very gradual. Make sure you appoint a designated ‘water watcher’ and swap every 15 minutes. The water watcher never takes their eyes off the water. That way you ensure one adult from your group always has eyes on the water. There are no lifeguards. Bring your lunch, sunscreen, plenty of water to drink, and have a blast. http://www.springville.org/buildings-and-grounds/wayne-bartholomew-park/

  3. Do you know if there will be postings near the areas that are for fishing only, NOT swimming? We have been there several times to fish and struggle with people swimming at what seems to be the ‘designated’ fishing areas and have seen plenty of people jumping off the fishing docks. We really enjoy the new park other than the above and look forward to going more often as it is so close to our home.

    1. Dogs are allowed at the park, just not on the beach/sand or in the water. There’s plenty of grass to play and set up camp. You just won’t be able to get up close to the water if you bring a dog.

  4. Does anyone know if there will be a firework show close to this park on the 4th that we can just hang out and watch from there?

  5. Well I was there earlier tonight. I was catching some lovely 8 inch trout, when I noticed, some inconsiderate soul has illegally introduced GOLDFISH. I’m sorry to bear the bad news. I’m not sure how I can help. Hopefully this will not be detrimental to the trout population.

  6. I noticed the sign stating water not treated, and that the water is being stored for irrigation use. Does this mean the water is tested at all to ensure it is safe for swimming? Being from out of state, and having personal experience with someone who caught and later died from a brain eating amoeba in a lake, the water seems a little scary.

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