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For a taste of classic Americana, visit The Red Barn in Santaquin this summer.

For a taste of classic Americana, visit The Red Barn in Santaquin this summer. (Courtesy The Red Barn)

Originally attracting early pioneers to the area for its fertile soil, Santaquin is today recognized statewide as the Utah Farming Heritage District. This city might be small geographically, but it offers a long list of exciting things to do.

Outdoor Adventures

  • Trumbolt Park is a nature adventure ready for exploration at the head of Santaquin Canyon. Cruise on your bike or in your car to the park where you can play hide-and-seek in the trees, wade in the stream and cook on the grill.
  • For a more vigorous adventure, head to the Nebo wilderness area at the mouth of the canyon. This stunning scenic byway connects to the canyon so you can breathe fresh mountain air and run free — or you can grab your rock climbing gear and scale the side of the limestone cliffs.

Afternoon Activities

  • Breakfast for lunch, anyone? If you’re starting to feel peckish, swing by Leslie’s Family Tree restaurant and try a couple of their famously delicious giant scones or any of their other home-cooked dishes.
  • Enjoy some of Santaquin’s famous fresh fruit (particularly cherries) and produce at The Red Barn, a specialty grocery store. The Santaquin area is the second largest producer of tart cherries in the nation and also provides fresh produce to local grocers in the area, so you’re guaranteed to find healthy and refreshing fresh fruits and veggies just about anywhere you go in the city.
  • From a historic library to an old fashioned Main Street area, made up of a dress shop, saloon, doctor’s office and police station, the Santaquin Chieftain Museum has something for everyone in the family. Be sure to book a private tour in advance.

Dinner Deals

  • Brumby’s Hometown Cafe is a fast-growing favorite. Enjoy a classic burger or try something a little more unusual, like their Scorpion Quesadilla.
  • Santaquin Main Street Pizza serves just about everything. From pizza to pasta, from salads to sandwiches, and from chicken to seafood dishes, this restaurant is sure to have something for the whole family.

See Santaquin in full bloom during its annual city festival, Orchard Days, July 25 – August 1.

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