17 photos from the Orem police Kids Camp tour and squirt gun war


Two months ago the Orem Police Department decided to start a new program called Officer for a Day.

The program allows community members to nominate kids, especially those who might be going through a hard time, to be an honorary member of the Orem Police Department for a day. A fantastic idea, but there was one small flaw — there were too many kids not chosen.

“For the Officer for a Day program, we got a bunch of nominations,” said Lt. Craig Martinez with the Orem Police Department, “so we took all the kids that weren’t chosen for that and brought them in today for this mini summer camp where they got to do some of the things the officer that was chosen to be an officer for the day got to do and some things they didn’t.”

Thursday afternoon 10 kids who applied but weren’t chosen to be for Officer for a Day had a chance to tour the Orem Police Station, get in a water fight with the police officers and eat ice cream.

Among those 10 kids was 3-year-old Braden Boschetti, who was nominated by his mom, Jenn Boschetti. In January, the family found out Braden was born with a heart condition, so he underwent surgery. Since then, Braden has bounced back.

“It makes me feel good that (the police officers) reach out to the community, especially to the kids to do something special for the ones that have gone through a hard time,” Jenn Boschetti said.

Martinez says they plan to continue the Officer for a Day program. To nominate a kid, message the Orem Police Department on Facebook or email orempd@gmail.com.

Here are 17 photos outlining the tour and water fight with the kids and the Orem Police Department.

1. Introductions


(Photos by Rebecca Lane)

Martinez along with other police officers made introductions before taking the kids and their families on a tour of the Orem Police Department.

2. Lock ’em up


The kids explore the tiny jail cell at the Orem Police Station. Martinez asked, “How long would you like to be locked in there?” To which one kid answered, “For a day.” The others responded, “Not long.”

3. Meal time


Two kids peek through the meal slot. Martinez locked the kids who were brave enough into the cell for one minute.

4. Suit up


Officer Tanner Grow helps Keagan McClusky try on a SWAT team vest. “This IS heavy,” Keagan McClusky said as the vest was set on his shoulders.

5. Can you hear me now?


Officer Tanner Grow helps Lexi Baugh try on a head set while her mom takes a picture.

6. Ready to go


Chris Baugh poses for a picture with gas mask.

7. Instant friends


Some of the kids at Kids Camp had siblings or cousins with them, but not all of the kids holding hands in this picture knew each other when they came.

8. Bitten


One of the dogs demonstrated his ability to track down the bad guys and bite them. Police officers reiterated that the dog only bites the bad guys when they tell them to.

9. Puppy love


Lexi Baugh pets one of the police dogs with the Orem Police Department.

10. Motorcycle gang


Three police officers demonstrated some tricks on their motorcycles.

11. Siren on


Kolby Sisneros sits in a police car to turn the siren on and off.

12. Bad boy, bad boy


After getting to set off the siren, a few kids, including Seth Baugh, took turns climbing in the back of the police car.

13. Watering station


Using a firetruck parked on the side of the road, Orem police and firefighters filled up a tub with water for the kids to load their water guns.

14. Get the cop


While the officers tried to have a game of freeze tag using squirt guns, the kids turned it into a full out water fight.

15. Mom to the rescue


Jenn Boschetti helps her son Braden squirt the officers during the water fight. Before the fight began, Braden boldly proclaimed, “I’m going to win!”

16. Just try to stay dry


Kids gathered around the bucket of water, but there was no safe place from getting squirted, not even as a photographer on the sidelines.

17. Take cover


Martinez said his favorite part of the day was the water fight. “It’s 100 degrees outside, we got squirted with the water and it felt good. It’s always fun to play with kids, too.”

Rebecca Lane

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