Three Female Friends Enjoying Meal Outdoors At Home
Three Female Friends Enjoying Meal Outdoors At Home

because-I-said-so-greenKids aren’t the only ones in the family that can benefit from playdates. Parents need leisurely interaction with adults, too, especially moms or dads who primarily stay home with kids.

Generally speaking, the more kids you have, the more packed your schedule is and the harder it may be to fit in social time. But it’s worth the effort to find time here and there for face time with other grownups. Here are six ideas for grabbing grown-up time:

1. Join a team

Combine your exercise time with social time and join a soccer, softball or bowling league. True, it may be one more commitment to squeeze into your schedule, but you’ll enjoy the spirit of camaraderie that comes from being on a team. Plus: uniforms!

2. Audition for a play

If you’ve always had a flair for the dramatic, considering audition for an upcoming community play. You’ll hone your skills, meet new people and have a new hobby to add to the pesky “activities and interests” area on your resume. Bonus points if you’ve got a tween or teen that wants to do the play with you.

3. Host a dinner group

I have a friend that regularly gets together with her foodie friends for a night of gastronomic bliss. Each person brings a dish that corresponds to a specific theme, such as all things pumpkin in November or fresh spring salads in April. They sample dishes, swap recipes and stay late catching up on each other’s lives.

4. Recruit walking or running partners

The best time for personal time is early in the morning when no one is up to whine when you walk out the door. Recruit a few neighbors to meet in the wee hours of the morning and walk or run while ruminating aloud about the world’s problems — or at least discuss yours.

5. Start a book club

Book clubs are hardly a novel idea, but they’re still a great way to boost your reading time and get in some friend time, too. Pick books around a particular theme — parenting books if you want to relate better to your kids or chick lit if you need an escape valve from real life. Invite people in your neighborhood you’d like to get to know better or that friend you’d like to see more of.

6. Form a lunch bunch

Everyone has to eat, so why not plan a lunch meet-up once a month with other like-minded moms? If you’ve got young children, takeout at the park may be the best bet. For moms with older kids, meet for a meal while the kids are at school. Regular girl’s nights outs are always a good option, too.

Sometimes social time happens organically, like when you’re early for carpool pickup and your friend happens to be there too. But often, if it’s not written down, it won’t happen. So grab your calendar, text or call some friends and start penciling in some fun.

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