BYU men are Tinder’s #2 most right-swiped university students

(Map courtesy Tinder)

(Map courtesy Tinder)

Brigham Young University’s men are attractive, or at least that is what Tinder’s newest study suggests.

Tinder announced the results of the “Top 10 most swiped-right schools” for both sexes and BYU’s men were named the No. 2 most right-swiped. BYU’s women didn’t make the top 50 list.

The popular dating app shows pictures of Tinder users in the surrounding area. Users swipe right if they are interested in getting to know more about the person or swipe left if they aren’t interested. When both users swipe right, it is called a “match” and the users are able to converse on the app.

Of the top 50, the top 4 swiped-right male universities all attend a religiously affiliated university.

And a note of interest to those hoping to get “matched” — Tinder reported the profiles with the most right swipes contained bios.

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