16 adorable pictures of Provo’s Puppy Paddle Pool Party


Provo’s going to the dogs.

After closing the outdoor pool for the season last Saturday (Aug. 22), the Provo Rec Center hosted it’s first Puppy Paddle Pool Party Saturday morning.

“I’ve seen it done in other states and it is something that I was very intrigued by and thought it would be exciting for the community,” said Cathy Smits, Aquatic Supervisor. “But this year there were a lot of voices being brought up to the mayor about opening a dog park, so we opened up the dog park at the beginning of May and I thought this would be a good way to end the season with the dogs.”

The pool party was broken into three groups: rehab dogs, small dogs and large dogs. Admission for dogs was $5, but humans were free.

Smits’ goal was to have a total of 50 dogs show up, but there were already 80 dogs in attendance before it was even time for the large dogs to come.

“All of these owners are really mindful of what there dogs needs are,” Smits said. “We had a lot of people who said they wanted to come, but they said their dogs do not do well with stuff like this. … But everyone has been behaving really well.”

Here are 16 adorable pictures of dogs unleashed at the Provo Rec Center Veteran Memorial Pool.


1. Kiddie Pool beginnings

(Photos by Rebecca Lane)

(Photos by Rebecca Lane)

Cadon Hatch and his wife were some of the first arrivals for the small dog time. “(Dogs) are naturally social creatures, so a lot of these dogs are isolated because they only have the one dog at home,” Hatch said. “So it’s good to get them out and interact with other dogs and people.”

2. New fur-ends


Most of the dogs spent the time off their leashes, but owners kept their dogs on the leash until they adjusted to the other dogs. There were about 80 dogs at the small dog pool session.

3. Puppy stroller


This pup arrived in his own stroller.

4. Scooby snacks


While these aren’t actually Scooby snacks, the dessert table had refreshments for both humans and dogs. Multiple local stores helped sponsor the event including Macey’s Grocery Store, Wal-Mart, Rumbi, Jdawgs, Outback Steak House, Park Animal Hospital and Animal Art.

5. Say “Puppy Paddle Pool Party”



A photo booth was set up for people to get pictures of their puppies, but most of the pups didn’t want to sit behind the frame.

6. Trick-for-a-Treat



A station, called Trick-for-a-Treat, was set up for the dogs to show off their special tricks and talents. This pup was one of the few who had his swimming attire on.

7. What’s going on?


The dogs would get distracted by other dogs barking.

8. Wash station


Before getting int the pool, dogs were sprayed off with a hose.

9. Sprinkler station


A sprinkler system was set up by the pool featuring a Hello Kitty sprinkler head.

10. Playful pups


These two dogs didn’t understand the concept of no running around the pool, but they enjoyed the laps they took around the Provo Rec Center kid’s pool.

11. Wet and chilled


Sybil, a 9-week-old Doxen Terrier, was shivering after playing in the pool. She cuddled up to her owner’s, Cadon Hatch, feet.

12. Reach for the ball


The running pups didn’t enjoy swimming in the deeper pool, but they needed to retrieve the ball they were playing with, so they cautiously approached the edge.

13. Diving contest


(Photo by Jessica Briscoe)

A dog leaps into the pool without hesitation. This pup loved swimming in the deep end.

14. Leisurely swim


Before the puppy paddle race began, some dogs swam warmups in the pool below the slides.

15. Owner’s help


A puppy gets directed by his owner to the stairs.

16. Swimming isn’t for everyone


The first Puppy Paddle Pool Party had dogs with all different levels of love (or not so much love) for the water.

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