Business is a game.

A gamble. A roll of the dice. A luck of the draw.

But it’s also strategy. And gumption. And having smarts in spades.

This year’s UV50 victors have hit the jackpot. They are competitive, collaborative companies — at all different stages of life — who work to win.

Read on for their rankings, their accolades, their missteps and their maneuvers.

Plus, go inside six companies who show their hands.   

The Numbers Game 

Fastest-Growing Companies 

At a glance There are no hard and fast rules to success. These 30 Utah Valley companies are unique in strategy, sales, solutions and superstars. But they share one thing in common: growth gone wild. Want to get to know them? Think fast. Find out the top 30 here.

Economic Engines 

At a glance With robust revenues and employees by the hundreds and thousands, these 10 companies are dominating their fields and anchoring Utah Valley’s economy. Get a breakdown of the category below, and then dive into BusinessQ’s ranking of these 10 stalwarts. Find out the top 10 here.

Startups to Watch 

At a glance The fountain of youth never gets old. Meet these 10 sprightly startups stirring up success with strength, smarts and spunk. Read through the ranks to see why their short lives will make a long impression. Find out the top 10 here.

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