12 behind-the-scenes photos of ‘A Child’s Prayer’ music video


LDS songwriter Janice Kapp Perry made her first music video with the One Voice Children’s Choir, “A Child’s Prayer,” which was released on YouTube last week.

The music video was shot to promote Perry’s new book, “A Songbook for LDS Families,” in October. The music book includes 15 of her most beloved hymns and 28 new Book of Mormon hymns. However, her favorite song is one of her Primary songs.

“Without a doubt (my favorite song) is ‘A Child’s Prayer,’” Perry said. “We all have days when we ask, Heavenly Father, are you really there? I wrote that on a day when I wasn’t doubting, but I just wondered, such as when your prayers aren’t always answered as quickly as you’d like.”

Here are a few behind-the-scenes moments from the filming of “A Child’s Prayer with Perry and the One Voice Children’s Choir.

1. Lights, camera, action


There was only one camera used to film the entire music video.

2. Hug it out


Covenant Communications, the company producing the music video, originally grabbed more choir members to run up to Janice for a scene, but decided it would be too many kids in one shot.

3. Tell me the story


While they filmed the kids, Perry told the kids more about the meaning of “A Child’s Prayer.”

“Don’t you have days when things aren’t quite going right and you say your prayers and they’re not immediately answered, so you might have a thought something like, ‘Heavenly Father, are you really there?’” Perry asked the children.

She had the children sing the answer back to her, “Pray, He is there. Speak, He is listening.”

4. Give me a break


Blankets were set up at the side of the American Fork Amphitheater for children to wait until they were needed for filming.

5. Attention


When the camera was filming One Voice Children’s Choir Director Masa Fukuda, the kids would relax and make funny faces while they sang.

6. Tiny dancer


Between shots, the antsy kids moved around. The kids were at the amphitheater for about four hours to film the music video.

7. Dressed for success


A young choir member twirls as she waits between filming session.

8. Leader of the pack


Masa Fukuda directs the One Voice Children’s Choir, which has kids ages 4–18. Fukuda has worked with Perry on multiple projects.

“Janice has always been a dear friend to me since the beginning when I was in college at BYU in the School of Music,” Fukuda said. “I didn’t know anybody and I as just starting out with the music and the children’s choir and she’s always been so supportive of me, my work and my music. She’s so sweet to work with. She’s also very down to earth. I admire her so much for keeping up with her work all these years.”

9. So long, farewell


Perry left the music video shoot early so she could make her Stake Conference.

10. High rise


A camera was set on a lift to shoot a smooth pan shot of the choir.

11. Half a choir


To give the kids a break, the film crew only had half of the kids stand at a time when they filmed close-up shots.

12. Sunrise or sunset?


While the music video was filmed at sunset, Covenant Communications had One Voice Children’s Choir sing the song backwards starting with the third verse. This was so when the music video was pieced together it would look like the sun was rising.

Watch the music video and learn more about Janice Kapp Perry’s new book here.

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