Photography by Heather Telford

The first Utah Valley Parade of Homes was held in 1977. Nearly 40 years later, it’s still a summer highlight for those looking to build a dream home — as well as those living in a relative’s basement. This two-week, massive “open house” showcases the valley’s best builders and the hottest trends. You’re bound to hear “I need that!” and “Not for me!” in the same room (hopefully whispered discreetly). It’s all about being inspired and celebrating the thriving building industry in Utah County. Let’s walk (figuratively) and talk (openly) over the next 16 pages of haute homes.



Sometimes wallpaper just flutters its way into your heart. And placing the print exclusively on the ceiling makes the effect charming, not chaotic. This Artisan Construction home, located in Pleasant Grove, has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and plenty of personality to spare.



Four Chairs Furniture is known for using color in big, beautiful ways. This American Fork home by Millhaven is no exception. From the bold blue cabinets to the wildflower wallpaper to the cheery mismatched chairs — they spanned the palette.



Whether it’s wild horses, like those found in the bedroom of Davies Design Build’s Mapleton home (right), or an orange floral bathroom like the one found in McEwan’s Highland home (bottom right), the wallpaper trend is alive and sticking. How do you keep it from feeling like Grandma’s attic? “Wallpaper can be intimidating to commit to, so we recommend starting with an accent wall or bathroom,” says Stephanie. “You’d be surprised what a busy wallpaper can do in a small space. It actually opens it up!”



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