It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn in Utah — the new school year is well underway, temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are turning. And there’s no better way to ring in the season than to sample a bowl of one of the Valley’s best soups. Here are our top eight picks to keep you warm this fall.

1. Roasted mushroom bisque from La Jolla Groves


Nothing beats a creamy, savory soup on a cool day, and La Jolla Groves’ roasted mushroom bisque is the ultimate — even for those who aren’t wild for mushrooms. This rich reduction of mushrooms, shallots and herbs is finished with sauteéd mushrooms and créme fraiche.

2. Green chile stew from Black Sheep Cafe

Braised melt-in-your-mouth pork is surrounded by fire-roasted chile, root vegetables, cheddar-jack cheese and sweet corn pico de gallo in this raved-about stew. And as if the soup wasn’t amazing on its own, the Navajo fry bread accompaniment makes it perfect!

3. Butternut squash soup from Aubergine & Company


A new seasonal recipe at Aubergine is quickly becoming a favorite — it’s the organic, dairy-free, and gluten-free butternut squash soup. Made with butternut squash, coconut oil, garlic, onion and a handful of spices. This cup of goodness is made fresh and from scratch daily.

4. Cream of spinach and roasted garlic soup from Ginger’s Garden Cafe

This made-from-scratch soup highlights simple, organic, whole-food ingredients and is a consistent staff and customer favorite. Ginger’s cream of spinach is rich, creamy and vegan all at the same time, thanks to powerhouse ingredients like cashews, spinach, zucchini and slow-roasted garlic. Ginger’s menu is always rotating, so check the website to find out which soups are on each day.

5. Tortilla soup from Cafe Rio

Cafe Rio Tortilla Soup

There’s a reason Cafe Rio has a cult following — and it’s not just because of the highly addictive sweet pork barbacoa. Cafe Rio’s tortilla soup is cold-weather perfection, with its beautifully slow-braised shredded chicken, steaming broth and fresh veggies, all topped with crunchy tortilla strips, guacamole, pico de gallo and hand-shredded cheese.

6. Tomato basil soup from Cafe Zupas

Zupas basil

Before Zupas opened more than 10 years ago, the founders aimed to develop perfect soup recipes. Zupas’ tomato basil soup has been a customer-favorite comfort dish since day one, with its house-made pesto (using basil grown right in the restaurant’s kitchen), sauteed aromatics and a special blend of spices.

7. Tom kai gai (galanga coconut) from Thai Swift

You can’t go wrong with tom kai gai, and Thai Swift does it right. Flavors of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and Thai herbs are the stars in this coconut-based soup. Choose chicken or tofu to make it your own.

8. White cheddar and poblano soup from Kneaders

White Cheddar & Poblano Soup

In this new soup from Kneaders, sharp cheddar cheese and smooth heavy cream are layered with fire-roasted poblanos and green chiles, crushed tomatillos, sauteed shallots and jalapenos. White pepper, paprika and a cilantro garnish complete this new fall favorite — and don’t forget the fresh-baked bread!

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