BYU vs. Utah: The lows, the almost comeback and Nick Emery’s punch

BYU guard Nick Emery dribbles the ball while Utah's Brandon Taylor defends him. Emery received a flagrant two foul after punching Taylor in the gut in Wednesday's night game at the Huntsman Center in Salt Lake. (Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

BYU guard Nick Emery dribbles the ball while Utah’s Brandon Taylor defends him. Emery received a flagrant two foul after punching Taylor in the gut in Wednesday’s night game at the Huntsman Center in Salt Lake. (Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

The first half was a nightmare. The second half had spots of hope. And then no one cared about the game anymore because Nick Emery got a flagrant 2 foul and was ejected from the game in BYU’s 75–83 loss to Utah Wednesday night.

“I actually saw it live,”said Utah coach Larry Krystkowiak. I saw him basically punch Brandon (Taylor) and tell him to stay on the ground after he punched him.”  

Emery was ejected from the game and may be suspended from the next game against Weber State on Saturday. Jackson Emery, a former BYU guard who helped the team to the Sweet 16 in 2011, tweeted about his brother’s foul.

BYU head coach Dave Rose told the press, “When I talked to the official, he told me it was pretty obvious. I had talked to Nick (Emery); what I wanted to make sure of was that (the official) had gotten the entire play. And he told me he had got it, this was easy, this is textbook stuff, and so we sent (Emery) to the locker room.”

Outside of Emery’s foul, the game was rough. In the first half, the Cougars only shot 11-of-31 (35.5 percent) from the field. BYU senior Kyle Collinsworth carried the team in the first half scoring 12 of his 13 points. The Cougars went into the locker room at half time with a 23 point deficit 28–51.

The Cougars came out a new team at the start of the second half, switching roles with the Utes.


With a 15–2 run against the Utes at the start of the second half, the Cougars inched their way back into the game. They shot 48.5 percent from the field 45.5 percent from behind the arc, including two 3s from Collinsworth. Fischer caught fire, scoring all 26 of his points in the second half. Junior Kyle Davis added 12 points and 8 rebounds.

But foul trouble hurt BYU: both Collinsworth and forward Corbin Kaufusi were sitting out of the game with 4 fouls a piece. In the end, the Cougars lost 75–83 in a game they’ll probably want to forget.

Updated at 11 a.m. to include Coach Rose’s quote on Nick Emery.

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Rebecca Lane

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  1. AvatarJohn Nielsen Reply

    How were BOTH Emery AND Taylor not ejected on this play? Look at the left elbow shot to Emery’s head by Taylor, which actually precedes Emery’s sucker punch to Taylor’s torso. There are two dirty, cheap shots here. Not one!

  2. AvatarDonald Duck Reply

    Taylor is in Quack-ville. He smacks Emery across the face. Then takes a dive when Emery barely touches him. He should forget basketball and go into acting, he’d be good at it, at least where-ever there are PAC-12 for Refs he would be.

  3. AvatarMowgli Reply

    I see a few things here. Taylor takes some sort of swing at Emery, tho I don’t see him hitting Emery in the face or much of anywhere. I then see Emery take a roundhouse punch at Taylor, hitting him below the chin. I then see Taylor take a dive that would make any boxer in a fixed fight proud. There is no way Taylor went to the floor by the force of Emery’s hit.

    What I don’t see is what had gone on between these two in the game to that point.

    Regardless, Nick should control himself. Can’t do that, even if you’re upset with how the game has gone, how you’ve been roughed up or how many times the refs blew a quick whistle against BYU only to swallow it when the Utes fouled.

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