How to wrap perfectly in 4 easy steps


There is no right way to wrap a present — but there are plenty of less-than-ideal ways that leave you with paper scraps scattered on the floor and with your gift looking like a crumpled, patched-together mess that you’d rather toss out the window than see under the tree. So untangle your tinsel and resist the urge to ask Santa for gift bags next year. Instead, take a tip or two from the master gift wrappers at the BYU Store.

Step 1


Start out with the right amount of paper. Measure three-quarters of the height on the long side, with a few inches of overlap from the other side.

Step 2


Fold in half an inch of one edge to conceal jagged scissor edges for a clean look. Use tape to join with other side in the middle — and make sure the folded edge is on top.

Step 3


Gently crease the edges to create two flaps, on the top and bottom, then deepen the crease. Tighten the folds to prevent crumpled corners.

Step 4


Fold down the top flap, creasing any extra paper so it’s flush with the edge. Tuck in the pointed edge of the remaining flap to create an even line. Fold in flap and secure with tape. Repeat on opposite side.

Read more about the BYU Store’s wrapping policy here.

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