10 Coolest Entrepreneurs: Adam Terry

Adam Terry, 32, is the creator of Waffle Love in Provo. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Adam Terry, 32, is the creator of Waffle Love in Provo. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Adam Terry is feeling the love. Hungry admirers everywhere are following his waffle truck empire to the ends of the earth and the ends of their Instagram feeds (Waffle Love is currently grooving at 50,000 followers). And when the Provo chef competed on Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” with two of his 14 siblings, the sweet got sweeter. While their truck came in second (robbed, we say!), they drove away with legions of new liege waffle lovers and cool stories of going to church in the middle of a Sunday race truck challenge. Now that’s what we call eat, pray, love.

Drink Order: “Blood Orange Soda.”

Coolest Life Blessing I asked my dream girl to marry me — and she said yes!

Coolest Business Moment When I made the decision to create Waffle Love, miracle after miracle unfolded to make it possible. The support I received from God, my family and the community was unreal.

Coolest Advice Received We live in an abundant world. There’s enough room for everyone to succeed.

Coolest Company Tradition We write up awesome things we see each other do and stick them on our “Awesomesauce Board.” It has hundreds of sticky notes.

Coolest Marketing Moment The first day I opened, one of my customers taught me what Instagram was. I went home and started an account. We thought it was pretty amazing when we had 70 followers and some of them weren’t even family! Now we’re at 50,000.

Coolest Client Interaction Shortly after we started, Donny Osmond called the truck to see if we could come out for his wife’s birthday. My sister-in-law answered the phone and was like, “Haha, funny. What’s your real name?” She felt a little silly when she found it was really Donny! His signature on our napkin might be my mother-in-law’s most prized possession.

Coolest Meal Braised short rib with celery root puree at Spark Restaurant.

Coolest Hobby Cooking! Where else can you taste the fruit of your labors so soon?

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