10 Coolest Entrepreneurs: Sherrie Everett

Sherrie Everett, 54, is the marketing mind behind Creative Stream, Inc. in Provo.

Sherrie Everett, 54, is the marketing mind behind Creative Stream, Inc. in Provo.

Sherrie Hall Everett is on the move — and always has been. She grew her marketing firm from a “Mom with a Mac” in 1988 to influencing the marketing of multimillion-dollar corporations. She served on the Provo Municipal Council from 2008 to 2012, assisting in Provo’s rebranding revolution. She directed the strategy and execution for Mia Love’s historic and victorious 2014 election to the U.S. House of Representatives. And she’s dominating Utah Valley’s visual marketing arena faster than you can click, “Skip this ad.” Everett is here to play.

Drink Order: “The Triple D from Sodalicious.”

Coolest Life Blessing Being a mom to two capable, contributing, interesting children.

Coolest Business Moment Developing and executing the key media strategies for the visual, online and media toolsets for Mia Love’s congressional campaign.

Coolest Advice Received You are smart. You can figure this out. Get to work.

Coolest Advice Given You can lead from any chair.

Coolest Company Tradition Popping up the creativity often includes a little Sodalicious run.

Coolest Job Pre-Entrepreneurship I was one of the first female recording engineers in Utah.

Coolest Client Interaction Working so closely with Speaker Lockhart for over a decade and watching the strength, clarity and respect she had for public process.

Coolest Meal Dinner at sunset on a cliff overhanging the Mediterranean in Haifa, Israel.

Coolest Transportation Taken The bullet train on the way to Kyoto.

Coolest Hobby My perennial addiction. I love adding cool plants to my garden and seeing them bloom every year.

Coolest Compliment When I served as an elected council member for Provo, I was told I had vision, that I was fair and transparent, and that I worked to include others.

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