10 Coolest Entrepreneurs: Donna Root

Donna Root, 52, is the founder of The Inner Architect. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Donna Root, 52, is the founder of The Inner Architect in Highland. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Donna Root is no one-company wonder. Start a thriving diamond business? Check. Start a company that develops “lifestyle robotic devices”? Obviously. Speak to groups as large as 15,000 and train more than 500,000 individuals? Done. Be a contributor for Forbes and The Huffington Post? Yep. Run a company that raises global consciousness? Boom. But even with all her high-flying success, Root stays grounded in curiosity, connections and courage. What will she add to the list next? Whatever it is, we’ll root for her here at BusinessQ.

Drink Order “Water.”

Coolest Life Blessing Becoming a grandparent. My role is to love and to spoil.

Coolest Business Moment Participating in a yearlong, nationwide speaking tour alongside Tony Robbins, Steve Young, Les Brown, Lou Dobbs, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jerry Rice and Marianne Williamson. My takeaway? We need more women’s voices leading change.

Coolest Advice Received Jump when invited.

Coolest College Class Statistics. Numbers don’t lie.

Coolest Meal It was in Sharm el sheikh, Egypt, on the beach at the Red Sea. Divine experience.

Coolest Transportation Taken Camel

Coolest Insight I do private coaching for executives, politicians, actors and sports icons. I don’t care what people put on social media, everyone goes through something that has the capacity to bring them to their knees. We glamorize public figures, but we all have so much in common. No one is exempt from the human experience.

Coolest Hobby Quantum Physics. Don’t even get me started — I will talk about it for days.

Coolest Clothing Great bras. I’ve had five children — enough said!

Coolest Person Met Victor Frankl and Nelson Mandela.

Coolest Compliment Received “You are courageous.”

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