10 Coolest Entrepreneurs: Matt Bowman

Matt Bowman, 45, is the creator of My Tech High in Spanish Fork. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Matt Bowman, 45, is the creator of My Tech High in Spanish Fork. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Matt Bowman is kickin’ it new school. The former 6th grade teacher and Novell director has combined his careers of days past to create a company of the future — My Tech High. It’s an online learning provider that helps today’s tech-savvy kids become tomorrow’s successful entrepreneurs. And as the kids would say, the company be killin’ it. But with Bowman at the helm, it’s no surprise. We’re talking about the man who once sold a business to Donald Trump as well as orchestrated a 24-hour Amazing Race right through the heart of Utah Valley. In our book, that’s code for cool.

Drink Order “Ice cold water.”

Coolest Life Blessing Faith and family.

Coolest Business Moment Helping young people start their own companies.

Coolest Advice Received Strategy is about what you are NOT going to do.

Coolest Advice Given Get to the dead end of the wrong road fast.

Coolest Business Deal Selling a startup to “The Donald.”

Coolest Business Meeting Hosting a CrowdPitch event where all the founders were under 13 years old.

Coolest College Class Scuba Diving Certification for P.E.

Coolest Meal 12” Spicy-Crunchy Sushi Roll in Newport Beach, Calif.

Coolest Travel Moment The Amazon jungle village during a family humanitarian trip to Ecuador.

Coolest Transportation Taken Magnetic bullet train in Shanghai, China.

Coolest Dream I was living in a 2D cartoon world and was being chased by an animated dog.

Coolest Clothing Are clothes from Costco cool? (Um, moving on …)

Coolest Person Met The Count of Monte Cristo.

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  1. AvatarSandy Reply

    Matt and Amy are awesome administrators. We have loved working with them through My Tech High. They are SO on top of it all. Thanks Matt for being so “COOL”.

  2. AvatarLori Reply

    We love My Tech High! Matt and Amy do an amazing job of making it a wonderful education for our kids. Cool article!

  3. AvatarMark Needham Reply

    Congratulations Matt and Amy on the well deserved recognition! It has truly been a pleasure watching your ideas and your family grow over the last 21 years.

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