5 classic pairings of holiday films and food


Looking for a fun family activity on a cold winter’s night? How about dinner and movie, holiday-style? If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the week before Christmas, may we suggest the following five food and film pairings?

The movie: “White Christmas”

The food: Vanilla Snow Ice Cream, Snow Angel Cupcakes

Nothing says cozy Christmas like the iconic 1954 movie with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. Follow the adventures of two Hollywood performers as they romance a sister act, and help out their old Army general along the way. While watching the film, you’ll, of course, need a little “snow, snow, snow.” If there’s fresh snow on the ground, you can make Vanilla Snow Ice Cream found on the Happy Hooligans blog. If not, you’ll just have to settle for these gorgeous Snow Angel Cupcakes from The Cake Blog. You poor thing, you.

The movie: “Home Alone”

The food: An extra-large cheese pizza

Before being accidentally left behind by his crazed, Paris-bound family, all 8-year-old troublemaker Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) wants is a slice or two of cheese pizza. When he finds himself, literally, home alone, he’s free to order all the extra-large, cheese-y goodness his heart desires. Join Kevin in his culinary sojourn, as you watch him protect his home from would-be burglars.

The movie: “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

The food: Who Pudding, Roast Beast, Who Hash

Whether you prefer the 1966 cartoon or the 2000 full-length interpretation of Dr. Seuss’ beloved Christmas story, there is plenty of whimsical food to enjoy with this whimsical story. Just ask Pinterest. The site is abuzz with Grinch-inspired creations, like Who Pudding (pistachio pudding), Roast Beast (roast beef) and Who Hash (hashed brown casserole). Or, if you’re the type of gourmand with insane culinary skills and way too much time on your hands, you can recreate this holiday menu  from Epicurious.com. It’s Grinch-inspired fare includes Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding and Sunday Rib Roast.

The movie: “The Polar Express”

The food: Hot chocolate bar

If you’re going to the North Pole, of course, you’ll need a steaming-hot beverage to keep you warm. The 2004 animated Tom Hanks film “The Polar Express” follows a boy’s magical train ride to the North Pole, and his personal journey to believe in Santa. On the train, they only have one rule: “Never, ever let the hot chocolate cool.” Yours might be more like: “Don’t you dare spill on my carpet.” Either way, serve your drinks with an assortment of toppings like marshmallows, candy canes, caramel bits and whipped cream. For inspiration, check out the hot chocolate bar on the blog Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. 

The movie: “A Christmas Story”

The food:  Chop suey

It’s hard to find a movie with as much goofball charm as a “Christmas Story.” This 1983 comedy looks at holiday tradition through the eyes of its 9-year-old narrator, Ralphie Parker. All he really wants for Christmas is Red Ryder BB gun, but his mom is pretty sure he’ll shoot his eye out. Hilarity ensues. After hungry dogs demolish the family’s Christmas turkey, the Parkers are forced to eat at the only place open on Christmas Day:  The Chop Suey Palace and Bowling Alley.  You can make your own dish of meat and mixed vegetables using this recipe from the Food Network.  Or, if you are feeling too overwhelmed by the holidays to cook, order from your favorite Chinese restaurant, and call it “good enough.” At this time of year, it certainly is.


Elyssa Andrus has worked as a journalist for 14 years, most recently as the lifestyle editor at the Daily Herald newspaper in Provo. She is a contributor to the KSL-TV show "Studio 5" and is co-author of the book "Happy Homemaking" (Cedar Fort, 2012) with Natalie Hollingshead. She lives with her husband and four young children in Utah Valley.

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