Unique Valentine: Lone Peak students offering singing telegrams



Pink vector decoration for Valentine's Day

Pink vector decoration for Valentine’s Day

Want a creative and interesting Valentine’s Day gift this year? Or an unusual way to propose, answer a dance invitation or announce a new baby? If you’re in Alpine, Highland, Cedar Hills or American Fork — Lone Peak High School drama students want to help you out.

For $25, a group of three to four students will deliver a singing telegram — along with a little choreography and a small box of chocolates — to your home, office or whatever during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, said Amy Lundquist, the parent booster overseeing the fundraiser. For an extra $20, they’ll add a bouquet of flowers.

“We’ll really do your whole Valentine in one shot,” she said. “It’s really memorable, different and meaningful, and will help out some great kids at the same time.”

All the money raised through the singing telegrams will be used for the students’ performing tour in the spring, Lundquist said. She said they were looking for ways for the students to earn money to pay their own way on the trip, and thought this was the best because it plays on their strengths and it’s what they do best — singing and dancing.

Buyers will be able to choose whether the telegram is funny or romantic, she said. And it can be customized to be more than just a Valentine.

The students are working on the songs and dance now, though the dancing probably won’t be too detailed because they won’t know if they’ll be doing it on a doorstep, in an office or somewhere else, Lundquist said.

It’s only January, but people are already thinking ahead and expressing interest in the telegrams, she added. There are still 300 slots available that week though, and they’ll take orders until they’re full or halfway through the week before Feb. 14, whichever happens first.

“These are great kids doing what they do best in a fun way to help them earn money,” Lundquist said.

To order a singing telegram or for more information, email Lundquist at lpsingingtelegrams@gmail.com or call her at (801) 756-1811.


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