Gardner Quad Squad’s show, ‘Rattled,’ premieres on Tuesday night


The Gardner Quad Squad is officially making their debut on TV Tuesday night for the first episode of their anticipated TLC show, “Rattled.”

Ashley and Tyson Gardner, who have a condo in American Fork, were one of four couples in the United States selected for the series. “Rattled” follows the couples and their newborn babies for the first year of their lives, experiencing the roller coast ride of being new parents.

“When we found out, it was pure joy and pure terror all in one instant,” Ashley said in the promo video about learning they were having quadruplets.

On Dec. 28, 2014, Indie, Esme, Scarlett and Evangeline were born at Utah Valley Hospital by caesarean section performed by Dr. Stephen Minton.

While the Gardners have been very open with the public about their fertility struggles, pregnancy and life with quadruplets, the TLC series gives the video footage inside the hospital.

The first episode starts with sharing the Gardners eight-year infertility battle and Ashley’s stay in the hospital while she was on bedrest as the couple prepares for the arrival of their quadruplets.

“Rattled,” which is produced by Flower Films’ Drew Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen, premieres on TLC on Tuesday night at 10/9 CDT.

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