Motivation Station: Keeping employees motivated is not overrated


It may look like all fun and games, but motivating employees is work.

“Motivation is not a once-a-year activity,” says Chad Perry, VP of sales at Motivosity, a provider of software that increases employee morale and team unity. “It’s not something that can be delegated. It’s not something that happens by chance. Creating a culture that motivates its people is the single greatest responsibility of the CEO.”

Your culture not there yet? It’s cool. We get it. But that’s why we asked Highland-based Motivosity (BusinessQ’s current No. 5 UV50 Startup to Watch) to share 10 tips on connecting your company through corporate culture.

First create, then motivate.

1. Create a culture of shared values.

“Your brand starts with your people,” Perry says. “If they are unsure what your organization values and stands for — or how to act when you’re not in the room — you’re headed for trouble. Make sure to constantly communicate and reinforce your company values.”

2. Create a culture of shared goals.

“People perform best when they understand the goals of the organization and when they can align their own goals to those company goals. If there is any doubt about what these goals are, people will improvise and fill in the blanks. Don’t leave it to chance — make sure you communicate and reinforce your company goals.”

3. Create a culture of appreciation.

“A company is more than its CEO. It’s more than a single rock star or department. It is made up of many unique individuals who all contribute to the success of the organization. Make sure your organization is comfortable with, and consistent in, thanking one another for their part in your company’s success.”

4. Create a culture of recognition.

“It’s important to celebrate the wins of an organization (even if they are just small to start). It’s a proven fact that winning begets winning, and public recognition is much more effective than private recognition when inspiring other wins. Next time you think a win is too small to recognize or celebrate — do it!”

5. Create a culture of celebration.

“Rewarding people for the right behavior creates affinity and loyalty to your organization. Statistics show that higher employee affinity brings with it lower employee attrition rates, higher customer service rates, higher sales quota achievement, and higher company profitability rates. You can’t lose by investing in a culture of celebration.”

6. Create a culture of empowerment.

“Who says the executive team has the best ideas? Smart companies have realized that the frontline usually has the best ideas and solutions to company problems. Don’t let middle management stifle the creativity and ideas of the frontline — encourage and foster new ideas from all areas of the company.”

7. Create a culture of leadership.

“People don’t give up on the company; they give up on their boss. It’s imperative that the CEO ensures all levels of management are building relationships with their direct reports, and are recognizing and appreciating their efforts to build the company.”

8. Create a culture of friendship.

“The single greatest influencer of job satisfaction is whether or not people work with their friends. Think spending time with friends at work is a waste of productivity? Think again. The opposite is true.”

9. Create a culture of connection.

“When people connect across boundaries and across departments, problems get solved faster. When people understand the people they work with, things work smoother.”

10. Create a culture of consistency.

“Drive your commitment to culture consistently through the entire organization. Don’t let it lapse into little pockets of success here and there. Commit to making it go company-wide.”

What’s that old saying? Different strokes for different folks? Employees are no different. So we surveyed local business pros to find out just what floats their employees’ boats. Check out this chart to see the top motivators for different kinds of workers. Agree? Disagree? Tweet your rants or raves to us on Twitter (@UVBizQ).

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