The Q Awards: Naming Utah Valley’s top movers and makers in 2016


The Q Awards

Q the applause: Utah Valley BusinessQ presents our 2016 movers and makers.

Our second annual Q Awards highlight the best of the biz — including Omniture co-founder John Pestana, who is on a magazine cover for the first time in his lucrative career. You’ll also go inside the Google Fiber offices and find out the most unique fact about Younique — that its philanthropic arm is the reason it was founded and not an afterthought of the PR department

Click on the businesses below to learn more about our 2016 Q Award winners.

Entrepreneur of the Year — John Pestana, ObservePoint

Company of the Year — Google Fiber

Executive of the Year — Brandon Fugal, Coldwell Banker

Marketer of the Year — CVX Live

Philanthropist of the Year — Younique Foundation

Headliner of the Year — Utah Community Credit Union


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