10 star-studded CVX Live photos

YouTube fans line up to meet their favorite Utah YouTube celebrities on Friday, March 25, at CVX Live. (Photos by Rebecca Lane)

YouTube fans line up to meet their favorite Utah YouTube celebrities on Friday, March 25, at CVX Live. (Photos by Rebecca Lane)

The second annual CVX Live kicked of Friday at the UCCU Center in Orem — and this year is even bigger than last year’s event.

“Last year’s event was fantastic,” John Roberts, one of four real-life brothers who make up the Bored Shorts team (along with “adopted bro” Richard Sharrah), told Utah Valley BusinessQ. “These presenters are incredibly talented — they have millions of fans in their following. But the live component opens up an entire new experience for our community. View counts are great — but there’s nothing as gratifying as meeting the people who watch your work. You see first-hand the impact you’ve had on their lives.”

The Roberts are expecting around 20,000 people to attend during the two-day event. And why not plan for those numbers when BYUtv’s “Studio C” is revealing a sequel to their popular “Scott Sterling” at CVX Live?

Here are a few photos from “Celebrity Row,” where fans can meet their favorite Utah YouTube stars.

1. Bored Shorts TV

Bored Shorts TV

One family asked the CVX Live creators to sign their foreheads. Bored Shorts TV became popular after their YouTube series, “Kid History,” took the web by storm. Now Bored Shorts TV focuses on “Kid Snippets,” which are short videos where kids narrate and adults act out what the kids say.

2. Alex Boye

Alex Boye

Alex Boye is best known for his Africanized song covers. In his most recent video, Boye joined with the BYU Men’s Chorus and BYU Philharmonic Orchestra to sing “Baba Yetu,” the Swahili version of “The Lord’s Prayer.”

3. Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens does a cappella all by himself — yes, that means he records the parts at different times and pieces them together in a video.

4. Madilyn Paige

Madilyn Paige

The 18-year-old singer creates music videos for YouTube. She recently appeared in a “Kid Snippet” with Bored Shorts TV to reenact her “The Voice” tryout. Watch the video here.

5. Ashlund Jade

Ashlund Judd

The 13-year-old Salt Lake resident sings covers of songs and dances to them.

6. Ellie and Jared

Ellie and Jared

The parents started vlogging to share their infertility journey and have continued to share — now two babies later.

7. Maddie Wilson

Maddie Wilson

This Utah Valley singer took the stage Friday afternoon at CVX Live. Her most recent video was sung by her and performed in ASL by her sister, McKynlee. Watch it here.

8. Ashly and Mike

Ashly Costa

Ashly Costa from the YouTube channel “Ashly and Mike” signs posters for fans. Ashly is a mom, professional dancer and vlogger.

9. Mormon Tabernacle ChoirMormon Tabernacle Choir

If you missed the chance to sing the “Hallelujah” chorus with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, there is a second chance at CVX Live. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir crew is having guests lip sync on a green screen and then putting people in a music video and sharing it on YouTube.

10. Utah Valley Magazine

UV Mag booth

OK, we didn’t make celebrity row, but we know a lot of YouTube celebrities. If you are at CVX Live Saturday, stop by to see us and enter to win a $100 Provo Beach gift card. Or you can just kick up your feet and take a rest on our couch from all your touring.

CVX Live is at the UCCU Center from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, March 26. Tickets vary in cost depending on which events you want to attend. Learn more at cvxlive.com.


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