The man, the myth, the legend has returned, but this time Scott Sterling has left his goalie-tending duties for a “safe” game of volleyball.

This time Studio C’s character with the most athletic face in the world, goes up against the UNC volleyball team. Volleyball to the face after volleyball to the face later, the unconscious Scott Sterling once again saves the game.

Matt Meese, who plays Scott Sterling, told the CVX Live crowd over the weekend — where they revealed the second installment of Scott Sterling — that they moved away from soccer for the second video to keep it fresh. He also told the audience that this video was even more nerve-wracking to film than the soccer video.

“The last ripple through my face was so real and so scary, but it wasn’t a real volleyball,” Meese said. “It was like a volleyball balloon kind of a thing but you still know when it’s hitting you. I suffered a little more on this one than on Scott Sterling (soccer shootout) to be honest, but I really enjoyed it.”

The cast also said that fellow cast mate Stephen Meek, who is an announcer in the video, was hit in the face with a volleyball at one point, but that wasn’t caught on film.

Studio C’s video, “Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling,” currently has more than 37 million views on YouTube. It is its most-viewed video in its six seasons. They have more than 500 sketches between the shows on BYUtv and extra videos on YouTube.

Read more about the first Scott Sterling video and Studio C’s success here.

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