Hee Haw Farms reopens in the spring, which includes its petting farm. (Photo courtesy Hee Haw Farms)
Hee Haw Farms reopens in the spring, which includes its pony rides. (Photo courtesy Hee Haw Farms)


Spring Fling

When: April 7 – May 7
Where: Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove
Cost: $6
Site: heehawfarms.com


By Erica Palmer

With an array of baby animals to melt the heart, the Spring Fling at Pleasant Grove’s Hee Haw Farms would make Old MacDonald proud.

“After a long cold winter it’s great to see life come forth with trees and animals and the whole experience,” says Hee Haw Farms owner Chalise Smith.

Going on its eighth year, Hee Haw Farms’ Spring Fling lets families get hands-on with all kinds of baby animals, including cows, goats and sheep, most of which are born and raised on the farm.

“I love to see kids be excited to hold and play with animals in the type of environment we’ve created for them,” Chalise says. “The animals are very well-natured and love being around people. They get happy when we are open to the public because they get touched and loved.”

In addition to the animals, the spring event includes activities the farm puts on throughout the fall, including hayrides, a giant slide, the corn box and pony rides.

The family farm has been in operation for 156 years and Chalise’s husband is a fifth-generation farmer. Sixteen years ago they opened up the farm to the public.

“Most people don’t have the opportunity to go to a farm and experience all those animals in a city environment,” she says. “It’s cool that we are in the city, but we are still in an authentic farm environment.”

The Spring Fling is every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from April 7 – May 7. Admission is $6 and annual passes are also available. Visit heehawfarms.com for details.

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