Where the Mormons are (and aren’t)


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Everyone knows that there are a lot of Mormons in Utah, and you could probably guess that the Church doesn’t have a presence in North Korea. But what about everything in between?

Here’s a list of the places in the world with the most (and least) Mormons, places with the most missions, and precisely how many “peculiar people” there are around the world.

Top 10 states with the most Mormons (total number)

  1. Utah (2,000,554)
  2. California (778,629)
  3. Idaho (430,757)
  4. Arizona (416,192)
  5. Texas (334,772)
  6. Washington (282,356)
  7. Nevada (182,072)
  8. Oregon (153,226)
  9. Colorado (151,523)
  10. Florida (149,355)

Top 10 states with the least Mormons

  1. Rhode Island (4,002)
  2. Vermont (4,646)
  3. Delaware (5,186)
  4. New Hampshire (8,211)
  5. South Dakota (10,875)
  6. Maine (10,876)
  7. North Dakota (11,017)
  8. Connecticut (15,571)
  9. West Virginia (17,040)
  10. Mississippi (21,630)

Top 10 countries with most Mormons

  1. United States (6,466,267)
  2. Mexico (1,368,475)
  3. Brazil (1,289,376)
  4. Philippines (710,764)
  5. Chile (579,235)
  6. Peru (557,328)
  7. Argentina (432,007)
  8. Guatemala (255,505)
  9. Ecuador (229,294)
  10. Canada (192,299)

Top 5 states with the most missions

  1. California (19)
  2. Utah (9)
  3. Texas (8)
  4. Washington (7)
  5. Arizona (6)

Top 5 countries with the most missions

  1. United States (120)
  2. Mexico (34) and Brazil (34)
  3. Phillipines (21)
  4. Peru (12)
  5. Argentina (12) (tie for fifth place)

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24 Responses to "Where the Mormons are (and aren’t)"

  1. Sharon says:

    Where does Alaska stand. For a state with a relatively small population, there seems to be a high population of LDS people.
    This is especially true in Anchorage which is the largest city in the state.

  2. Justin Trapp says:

    The statistics should take into account population of each state, so the data would be per capita, I wonder if that would change any of the information.

  3. grace whitnah says:

    Brasil actually has 37 missions as of July 1 2013

    • Lon Martinez says:

      when I was there the in the mid 80’s there were only 7 or 8 missions.

    • Breanna Olaveson says:

      Are you sure? I’ve checked two official Church sources and can only come up with 34. It would be great if there were more!

      • VaLynne says:

        You are correct, Breanna Olaveson, there are 34. in 2011 there was 29 but they went up to 31 and then 34. I never knew Brazil had 37. I would like to know what the 3 other missions were. Grace Whitnah can you tell us what 3 were in 2013 that are no longer missions. I can’t even find where there is reference to them blending missions to go down from 37 to 34. When my husband served there in the 60’s there were 2 which was divided into 3 just before he went out. When my son served there 2009-2011 there were 29.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I’d really like to see these stats as percentage of population.

  5. Steve says:

    Yes, let’s see some percentage-of-population statistics.

  6. it would be interesting to see the percentages. cali has around 39 million people living there opposed to idahos around 2 million. that makes the numbers look, and if you live there, feel very different

  7. Andrew Hendrickson says:

    Utah has 2,995,919 people as of the 2015 census. With 2,000,554 LDS, that makes UT 66.77% LDS population.

    California 39,144,818(pop) with 778,629(LDS) for 1.99%.
    Idaho 1,654,930 with 430,757 for 26.02%
    Arizona 6,828,065 with 416,192 for 6.09%
    Colorado 5,456,574 with 151,523 for 2.77%

    Just a few conversion for ya!

  8. Duane says:

    Most & Fewest
    C’mon English!

  9. Ken says:

    US has 124 missions, not 120; Argentina has 14, not 12; Peru has 13, not 12; California has 20, not 19; Utah has 10, not 9; Washington has 8, not 7. Great source for up-to-date mission info is……Wikipedia (the source of all truth and knowledge – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_missions_of_The_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-day_Saints), which includes updated info on missions that have been announced but not yet in operation. ldschurchtemples.com is pretty good although they’re not all listed on one page like on Wikipedia. They are listed on the Statistics page if you click on the link for World or United States and then drill down by country or state (www.ldschurchtemples.com/statistics/units/). Although not official Church websites, their information always appears to match total numbers used by the Church when new missions are announced. LDS Temples does not show announced missions. I don’t know of an official Church website that shows an updated list of missions.

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