BYU students, the end of the semester is in sight. All you have to do is survive five more days of this ritual called finals.

1. Enjoying the real purpose of reading days.


I believe psychologists call this stage denial.

2. Adopting the Harold B. Lee Library as your new home.


After all, its hours are extended until 2 a.m. for finals week. Plus, if you tweet the library at @hbll, you know Harold will always be there for you with study motivation.

3. Trying to find an empty spot in the library.

Office - plague

You could have sworn these people weren’t here all semester.

4. Giving yourself pep talks to keep yourself going.

Friends - dinosaur do

5. Realizing pep talks aren’t going to work and giving into “one episode” on Netflix.

Netflix finals

Or one season. Or one series.

6. Realizing you have a Saturday final.

Villanova piccolo player

Don’t you know Saturday’s a special day untouchable by academia?

7. Realizing you have a 7 a.m. final.

Peter Pan - sleep

You can’t remember the last time your saw that hour of the morning, but you are determined to be strong.

But really you’re like.

Sherlock - no

8. Having your finals scheduled back to back to back.

Scott Sterling volleyball smash

Your head can’t handle this abuse.

9. Rededicating yourself to studying.


10. Needing a nap wherever you can find an empty bench.


11. Hitting crunch time.

Final Countdown

For every second you study the last few steps into the Testing Center it equals another question answered correctly on your final, right?

12. Being assigned to the Joseph Smith Building for a test.


It just takes strategy: place your scantron on the “desk,” test on your left leg, scratch paper on your right leg, hold your calculator with your left hand and hold your pencil with your teeth.

13. Waiting to take your final at the Testing Center until the last day.

Ain't nobody got time for that

“This is the line that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on my friends.” And I’ve seen it go on and on all the way to the JFSB.

14. Coming out of your last final.

Hunchback - I'm free

Good luck on finals!

Samuelson approves (whoosh Cecil)

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