5 tips to prevent back pain

Dr. Ashleigh Street is the owner of Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Utah, which doesn't require popping bones in order to find pain relief.

Dr. Ashleigh Street is the owner of Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Utah, which doesn’t require popping bones in order to find pain relief. (Photo courtesy Dr. Ashleigh Street)

Dr. Ashleigh Street — the 2016 Best of Utah Valley Chiropractor winner — founded Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Utah because she believed there was a better way to take care of your body. Here she shares five tips on how to restrain from pain outside of your chiropractor’s office.

1. Stay active

“Movement is life and life is movement,” Dr. Street says. “Every joint in your body needs hydration. If you stay active you will always give your joints the care and nutrition they need. Remember your spine has more joints in your body than anywhere else. Movement is the only way to keep your joints alive.”

2. Sleep

“Sleeping is what gives your body the time to heal,” Dr. Street says. She also recommends getting a good pillow for neck support while sleeping and to never sleep on your stomach.

3. Water, water, water!

Never underestimate the importance of water. “Water is the one liquid that gives your body the proper hydration to flush toxins,” Dr. Street says. “Putting more toxins in by means of soda will rob your body of nutrition, especially joints and brain.”

4. Proper spinal maintenance

“Your spine is your lifeline,” Dr. Street says. “It is the one constant in your body that will need alignments, adjustments or corrections, more than your tires on your vehicles.”

5. Listen to your body

“Listen to your body it is a phenomenal self-healing organism,” Dr. Street says. If you have questions about how that works, chiropractors can help you better understand how your body works and how to listen to the messages it sends you.

Learn more about Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Utah’s technique here.

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