Flowers. Chocolate. Breakfast in bed. Few moms tire of the Mother’s Day classics. But why not try a new tradition this year for the moms you love most? Here are 10 Mother’s Day traditions that’ll guarantee you’ll make this the best day of mom’s year.

1. Plant something

Pick up mom’s favorite plant, flower or tree at a nearby garden center and select a spot in the yard to honor her. She’ll be reminded of your love each time she walks by the beautiful blooms.

2. Solo sleep

Every mom dreams of getting more sleep. This Mother’s Day, set aside a few hours to gift mom some zzzzs. Create a quiet zone where she won’t be disturbed, fluff the pillows around her head, and set her up for some sweet dreams.

3. Adopt a mom

Moms love seeing their children serve others, so scout out a mother or grandmother in your neighborhood who might not have anyone celebrating her this year. Shower her with love, acts of kindness, or even a simple conversation to let her know she’s a special mother.

4. All about mom

Have the kids fill out a questionnaire that’s all about mom — what are her favorites, what makes her awesome, what do they love best about her. She’ll love seeing how her children interpret her world, and she’ll treasure their answers forever.

5. The most important meal of the day

Before you deliver a surprise breakfast in bed, find out what mom really wants to wake up to. Let her choose the menu — and the eating location (crumbs all over the sheets may cause some moms anxiety!).

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6. A work of art

Have each member of the family create a Mother’s Day masterpiece for mom in the medium of their choice. She’ll love looking back on these year after year and seeing how her children have honed their skills.

7. Time out for mom

Ask mom what she’d do — if she could choose anything — with a free afternoon. A quiet bubble bath? A few hours at the spa? Read a book? Go shopping sans kids? Then, give her just that!

8. Photo op

This one’s easy. Snap a photo of mom and her children in their Sunday best. A simple photo each year will eventually lead to a Mother’s Day collection that offers a unique look at the growth of the family.

9. Keep the peace

If your family’s mood typically involves a lot of sibling squabbles, offer mom a day of peace at home. Though she’ll know it’s an act in her honor, she’ll relish a day with her family where bickering and feuding are nil.

10. Pack a picnic

Keep the kitchen mess-free by taking your Sunday meal outdoors. Pack mom’s favorite foods and head for a family-favorite picnic spot. While you eat, have each member of the family recount their favorite memories of mom. She’ll savor both the food and the conversation!

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