More than a horse show, what is Cavalia anyway?

Cavalia horse

Cavalia is a traveling equestrian show that includes acrobats, horseback riders, aerialists, dancers, musicians and singers.

If you’re driving down I-15 it’s hard to miss the Cavalia billboards plastered along the highway.

The tagline — “The Most Amazing Show” — tells us nothing while piquing our interest. If you were like me, you looked it up online and agreed that the show still sounded “amazing” without ever figuring out what to expect from the show.

On Wednesday night, Odysseo hosted a social media night for bloggers and members of the media, giving us access to its Gold-level tickets. Here’s a break down of some of the acts and types of performances you’ll see at Cavalia.

These acrobats build a tower of men at one point in the performance.

These acrobats build a tower of men at one point in the performance.

Live music

Above the audience on the left and right sides, five musicians play in a glass case that lights up at different times during the show. All of the melodies in the show are original pieces by Michel Cusson. In the program, Odysseo writes it “is performed live, so that our gifted vocalist and instrumentalists can keep pace with the horses and ensure they enjoy maximum freedom as they play and frolic on stage.”

Acrobatics and aerial artists

In another display of superhuman strength the acrobats take to the air in three different acts. Cavalia has the the traditional rings and aerial acrobats raised high above the crowd where the talent shows their flexibility and demigod strength, but it’s the double merry-go-round that caught my attention. The merry-go-round circles like any regular merry-go-round at an amusement park, but each of the poles spins and twists on its own. On each of these poles is either one or two acrobats, casually climbing up and down the pole — and by casually I mean hanging on with one hand as their body pushes away from the pole while us normal human beings would be clinging on with both hands and feet as we try to shimmy up the pole. Each movement is completely captivating.


An African group is at the center of the show’s energy. While you can see someone perform a back flip at your local gymnastics meet, you haven’t seen a routine performed at a speed like this before. The acrobats’ agility is demonstrated with a nine-man tower, pyramid style, built completely with brute strength. Hello, Hercules. These men put the BYU defensive line to shame.


Cavalia by the numbers

  • 68 saddles used during the show
  • 2,000 seats
  • 58,000 square feet is the area the White Big Top spans over
  • 70 tons is weight of the technical grid



The horsemanship is elegant and holds an air of sophistication. Cavalia has a mix of trainers directing as many as 32 horses at one time and riders performing tricks on the horses’ backs. One man even circled the belly of a horse as the horse galloped in a circle. In short, Odysseo combines the land’s most powerful beasts and some of the most powerful humans for a captivating show.

Tickets and giveaway

Tickets for the show are between $49.50 and $144.50, with discounted tickets for seniors and those under 18. The prices vary based on show dates and seating sections. The show also offers VIP packages and a family pack discount. Cavalia is in Utah until June 6.

The ticket prices seem steep, but this is a show Utah has never seen before. It’s a unique performance melding acrobatics and horsemanship played along with live music. We are giving away two Gold-level tickets next week on Follow our Facebook page so you don’t miss out on our giveaway. Plus, Odysseo is offering a 10 percent discount for people who use the promo code SOCIALUT.

Learn more about Cavalia here.


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