Reddit user sorts FBS teams into Harry Potter houses, including BYU, Utah and Utah State

FBS Teams Harry Potter Houses

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One Reddit user has broken down all the FBS teams into Harry Potter houses, including BYU, Utah and Utah State.

BYU’s football team was sorted into Ravenclaw while Utah was sorted into Gryffindor. Utah State landed in Hufflepuff according to these parameters for sorting.

Reddit user, bakonydraco, explained the method to sorting these FBS teams: “To sort the teams into houses, I gave each team a rank in each of the three categories measured. Whichever rank a team was best in, I assigned them to that house. For those schools who were not in the top 60 in either of the three parameters, they are rewarded for their patience with the noble Hufflepuff.”

According to bakonydraco, Ravenclaws — being known for their “intelligence, knowledge and wit” — were measured by the CFB Academic All Americans in 2015. Gryffindor, the “brave and daring” teams, were decided through the BCF Toys winning percentages from 2006–2015. Slytherins, the ambitious and cunning house, was chosen by a revenue chart. Hufflepuff teams, though valued for their “hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty and fair play,” were any teams that didn’t make it into the top 60 for the other houses.

See the full post on the FBS team house sorting here.

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