Andy Baxter
Andy Baxter

Sustainable Energy Solutions, Orem

AGE: 32
BORN: Provo
TITLE: President

Andy Baxter has a good energy about him. His company, Sustainable Energy Solutions, develops patented solutions to combat energy problems on a regional and global scale. Their flagship product, for instance, is a post-combustion technology that has the potential to reduce carbon emissions from fossil-fueled power plants by 95 to 99 percent.

The RED Talking “I hope those around me see me in the trenches with them, removing as many obstacles as possible from their path to success.”

Biggest Accomplishment “Helping turn an idea into a 30,000-pound emissions-eliminating machine.”

Favorite Accomplishment “Helping to build one of the most creative, innovative, and dedicated teams of people — and working with them to accomplish something meaningful.”

Dream Job “As a kid? Police officer.”

Key To Success “Working with great people. Thinking big. Not giving up.”

Favorite Personality To Work With “Everyone has their place.”

Youthful Advice “Don’t shy away from challenges. Don’t pursue money at the expense of growth opportunities.”

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