Casey Voeks
Casey Voeks

InfiniD Learning, Pleasant Grove

AGE: 27
BORN: Provo
TITLE: Keeper of the Hall Pass

Casey Voeks is out of this world. Not only has he had 15 years in space center and simulator education (Yep! He started at 12.), he’s also had success down here on earth in the political sphere as chairman of the Utah County Republican Party and campaign manager for Mia Love and Gaither Martin. This year, he’s thrown his own hat into the race and is running for Utah County Commissioner.

The YELLOW Talking “I am fun, focused and friendly. I like people who are willing to spend their time working with me to build our company and expand our product line. I love to get my team legitimately excited for what we are going to do next.”

Favorite Accomplishment “Changing kids’ lives forever. It happens every day at our company, and it never gets old. After being in one of our labs, no kid goes back to class being the same kid they were when they went in. They are inspired by the limitless possibilities an InfiniD Lab opens up to their imagination.”

Tackling Disagreements “By taking it head on, directly, and with an intention to seek mutual understanding.”

Key To Success “Listening to experts, hiring people who are smarter than I am and assembling the best teams in the world.”

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