Chad Ingram
Chad Ingram

Scout50.com, Orem + Yeah Media, Provo

AGE: 28
BORN: Whittier, Calif.
TITLE: Co-founder + CEO

Chad Ingram was thisclose to becoming a lawyer. But when entrepreneurism called, he answered, and Ingram now runs two successful ventures. Scout50.com, in particular, is dominating the online marketing space and working with brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, UPS, Chevron and Dairy Queen. Way to rest the case.

The RED Talking “I try to be genuine and deliberate in my approach with employees. I direct rather than dictate. It’s much better to have many brains at work instead of just one.”

Biggest Accomplishment “Taking $19,000 and turning it into $1.3 million in one year.”

Favorite Accomplishment “Creating jobs.”

First Job “I went door-to-door selling address paintings on curbs. I was 9 and I made a lot of money.”

Dream Jobs “As a kid I wanted to be a pilot. Now I want to create my own venture capital firm.”

On Disappointments “I reset. Disappointments, disagreements and failures happen. Those who succeed are able to process these situations objectively, then learn and adjust.”

Key To Success “Not making decisions based on fear.”

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