Chris Padilla
Chris Padilla

Palm Marketing, Provo

AGE: 32
BORN: Castle Rock, Colo.
TITLE: Founder/CEO

Chris Padilla has been around the entrepreneurial block. The SEO and social expert has led many a team to a successful acquisition (CastleWave, for one), he’s a partner in a tech incubator called Bmuse, and he founded 1 Million Cups — a free, national program designed to educate and connect entrepreneurs. More like entrepreneurial block party.

The YELLOW Talking “As a company, we share the vision of what we can achieve together. We share the love. We trust that people will do what they say they will do.”

Biggest Accomplishment “Participated in the UN headquarters 50th anniversary of the Childs Rights Act celebration. Launched an app that brought the world together using the gift of song. ”

Favorite Accomplishment “Beating Martha Stewart and Rolling Stone Magazine in Apple’s end of year ‘Best of’ for a magazine platform we built for Giada.”

First Job “Shoe boy at Castle Pine Golf Club (PGA Tour).”

The Age-Old Question “Ageism sucks. I don’t play it young or old.”

Youthful Advice “Become an expert at something, not everything.”

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