Clint Betts
Clint Betts

Beehive Startups + Silicon Slopes, Provo

AGE: 30
BORN: Provo
TITLE: Founder + executive director

All bets are on with Clint Betts. The Provo-born-and-bred entrepreneur has championed his hometown with his company, Beehive Startups, and his epic event, StartFEST, which brought together hundreds of sensational speakers, cool concerts, and creative competitions last fall.

The YELLOW Talking “I’m kind of like a war general, but a little wimpier. I’m motivated by funny, engaging people.”

Biggest Accomplishment “Beehive Startups.”

Favorite Accomplishment “I named a sandwich after myself — ‘The Clinster.’”

First Job “Little League baseball umpire at 14.”

Dream Jobs “As a kid? An entrepreneur. Now? A gymnast.”

Key To Success “A giving philosophy.”

Motivation Station “We motivate employees by doing magic tricks.”

On Disagreements “We have juggling contests.”

On Decision Making “Rock, paper, scissors.”

Youthful Advice “No one knows what they’re doing, and neither do you. You’ll be just fine.”

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