40 Under 40 feature

By Briana Stewart
Photos by Dave Blackhurst

Color us impressed.

These 40 youngsters are making their mark. They’re entrepreneurs, strategists, leaders and visionaries — and they’re a colorful bunch.

To gain insight into what makes them work, we asked all 40 whiz kids to take The Color Code test, and then we photographed them on their scoring shade.

Red, Yellow, White or Blue? Read on to see who’s hue.

(Yeah, yeah. This was totally written by a yellow.) 

REDS Need to look good technically, be right, and be respected. They are strong leaders and love challenges.

BLUES Need to have integrity and be appreciated. They are focused on quality and creating strong relationships.

WHITES Need to be accepted and treated with kindness. They are logical, objective, and tolerant of others.

YELLOWS Need to be noticed and have fun. They love life, social connections, and being positive and spontaneous.

40 Under 40 breakdown

Meet this year’s “40 Under 40” by clicking on their picture below.

Jeff Lyman copy Achana Thiagarajan main copy Whitney Booth main  BRYAN PHELPS main MICHAEL ZARO main  Cameron Treu mainDavid Royce main  Shelly Hester mainJonathan Johnson main  Sam Bernards mainAmy Osmond Cook main  Casey Voeks mainKyle Reyes main  Kevin Thorn mainRyan Poelman main  James Jensen mainLogan Deans main  Hyrum Oaks mainDevin Baer main  Ginger Belnap mainRachel Nilsson main  Brenn Bybee mainEzra Lee main  Rob Stratton mainPaul Adams main  Kevin Brooks mainAndrew Baxter main  Lindsey Miller mainSean Watkins main  Chad Ingram mainMichelle Rasmussen main  James Grierson mainChris Padilla main  Cameron Jensen mainRyan Crafts main  Clint Betts mainOlivia VanCott main  Simeon Vance mainTom Lewis main  Tom Clark main

2 Responses

    1. Are we going to be concerned about % of blacks, whites, Asians, etc. now too? Pretty sure they weren’t biased on their choices when it came to the sex of the finalists and we shouldn’t be so concerned about this each time a list comes out.
      I’m confident they found more than 10 women, but sex was not a determining factor, as it shouldn’t be when comparing metrics, impact, and other business stats. Male or female, kudos to those that made this great list!

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