40 under 40: Hyrum Oaks

Hyrum Oaks

Hyrum Oaks

RaceEntry.com + Utah Valley Marathon, Provo

AGE: 32
BORN: Provo
TITLE: Founder

Look at him run. Hyrum Oaks has mastered the art of the race. His Utah Valley Marathon was named a Top 10 race in the country by Runner’s World Magazine (there are more than 70,000 races in the country, mind you), and he is also the mastermind of RaceEntry.com, a popular race management software.

The RED Talking “Success is motivating. It’s contagious. I try to lead by example. I try not to ask people to do things I would not be willing to do myself.”

Favorite Accomplishment “Running the Boston Marathon.”

Key To Success “I never give up. There is always a solution.”

Tackling Decisions “I will often ask for feedback from people I trust, but I expect good reasons for their conclusions.”

What A Cliche “I don’t stress too much about what people say about millennials. There are hard-working people or lazy people of all ages. Age is only an issue if we allow it to be.”

Youthful Advice “Don’t listen to what everyone says you can’t do. With hard work, enthusiasm, determination and integrity, you can accomplish almost anything.”

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