40 under 40: Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan Johnson

More Good Foundation, Provo

AGE: 38
BORN: Hayward, Calif.
TITLE: Executive director

Jonathan Johnson’s organization has set out to do a world of good in the LDS community. The non-profit endeavor operates more than 400 websites in a multitude of languages, and it administers support for a hundred more — all in an effort to promote positive LDS content and conversation.

The YELLOW Talking “I am generally optimistic, but will challenge people to think differently about circumstances or approaches.”

Biggest Accomplishment “Watching a fledgling, small organization grow into something significant, with the help of many hard-working associates and generous contributors.”

Key To Success “Don’t give up. When you fall, learn why. Physiological growth comes through the process of opposition and becoming broken. The key is to find joy throughout and find supportive spotters when opposition becomes crushing.”

Youthful Advice “Listen to the wisdom of those who have gone before you, who can help you to avoid unnecessary pain and frustration. Learn all you can, even if that is through the pain of your mistakes. Avoid making choices based on greed or quick success. Don’t be afraid to work hard.”

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