40 under 40: Kyle A. Reyes, Ph.D.

Kyle A. Reyes

Kyle A. Reyes

UVU, Orem

AGE: 37
BORN: Canoga Park, Calif.
TITLE: Asst. professor + chief diversity officer

Kyle Reyes is schooling it. With a bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. under his belt, he is teaching, mentoring and influencing the next generation at UVU. After a five-year stint as assistant to Pres. Matthew Holland, Reyes is now an assistant professor in the school of education as well as UVU’s chief diversity officer.

The YELLOW Talking “I have an inclusive leadership style. I truly value the broad range of experiences, perspectives, and contributions from employees and students.”

Biggest Accomplishment “Earning my Ph.D. was a highlight not only because, as a former graffiti artist, I barely got a bachelor’s degree, but because, as one mentor put it, ‘No one can ever take this away from you.’ With a yellow personality, I always felt confident in my abilities with people, but felt that my poor academic performance would hinder my opportunities. After years of hard work and through the support of my wife, Michele, I was able to prove to myself that I could accomplish great things with work ethic.”

Motivation At Work “Students are my greatest motivator. I cannot imagine working in a more exciting industry. My own cultural heritage, family background and experiences also motivate me to provide opportunities for so many who may not have a champion.”

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