Lindsey Miller Petersen
Lindsey Miller Petersen

The Tyler Robinson Foundation, Salt Lake City

AGE: 37
BORN: Salt Lake City
TITLE: Director of marketing and communications

Lindsey Miller Petersen is on top of the world (ay!). The BYU graduate is the marketing director for Imagine Dragons’ pediatric cancer nonprofit, she is adjunct faculty at LDS Business College, and she was a pioneer at the forefront of corporate social media management with JetBlue.   

The YELLOW Talking “I’m motivated by creativity, connection, collaboration and community. I want to bring people together under a common purpose to do great things. Also, I like fun.”

Favorite Accomplishment “In the fall of 2014, I was recruited to teach social media marketing at LDS Business College. Being a total social media marketing junkie, this was an honor. After teaching a semester, I realized that working with college-level students filled a void I didn’t even know was there.”

First Job “I was hired as a ‘sandwich artist’ at Subway  six months before my 16th birthday. My boss didn’t catch on that I wasn’t 16 until I asked for time off for my Sweet Sixteen party. ”

Celebrating Station “I tend to over-celebrate just about everything. It’s all about the little victories.”

Favorite Personality To Work With “I like warm people … and warm places … and warm colors.”

Youthful Advice “Take less selfies. Focus outward.”

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