Olivia VanCott
Olivia VanCott

KIAVAclothing, Orem

AGE: 27
BORN: Orem
TITLE: Founder + CEO

Marathoner Olivia VanCott was running out of clothing options. So like any good entrepreneur, she designed her own. Four years later, she’s sold more than a $1 million worth of product, and her exercise clothing line includes distinctive, stylish sports bras, tank tops, workout pants and jackets.

The BLUE Talking “I’m always excited and borderline obsessive as I work on each new project. My leadership style is hands-on and I enjoy working side-by-side with those I lead. Honestly, I am not a great delegator.”

Biggest Accomplishment “When I first started KIAVA, I set a goal of grossing over a million dollars in sales before my 30th birthday. I accomplished that goal by 25.”

Favorite Accomplishment “Seeing a complete stranger wearing an article of clothing I designed. It still makes my day every time it happens.”

First Job “When I was 12, I was the office janitor for my parents’ business. I cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed, swept, and emptied garbages once a week for $10.”

What A Cliche “Because we’re young, too often our hard work is dismissed as luck.”

Key To Success “Putting myself outside of my comfort zone over and over.”

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