Paul Adams
Paul Adams

SkyRocket Media, Provo

AGE: 34
BORN: Provo
TITLE: Co-founder + chief product officer

For Paul Adams, the sky’s the limit. He’s a self-taught web design wonder, marketing maven and consulting connoisseur. His customer acquisition company blasted onto the scene and in 2015 ranked No. 27 on the Inc. 500 and No. 3 on the UV50.

The YELLOW Talking “My personality is similar to my playlist — usually blasting from my desk. I hate silence. I also don’t like consistency, which is why my playlist is probably regarded as the worst in history. (Unless you like Celine Dion, followed by Offspring, followed by Russian Dubstep.) People should be run by great ideas, not hierarchy.”

Dream Job “As a kid I wanted to be a rockstar. I would have settled for a washed-up boy band member as well.”

Biggest Accomplishment “Failing. I started two businesses that failed — one out of inspiration, one out of desperation. My father taught me ‘attitude is everything.’ Talk about an attitude adjustment! My biggest accomplishment was taking it on the chin and learning the attitude to stand back up and politely ask for another. ”

Favorite UV Billboard “They are all blending together. Every time I drive through Utah County, I want to apply for a job, go to a dentist, and buy/refi a home while using 1 of 1,453,663,332 SaaS products available.”

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